Ways to Use Offers to Drive Sales and Customer Loyalty

  1. Prelaunch offers

If you are still in the stage where you business is about to launch or if a new product is about to launch you can use the help of a pre launch offer to get more traffic to your website and this will get more people interested in your business. This strategy will also help with getting new customers and changing them into frequent and loyal customers. The jewelry wardrobe is using this offer to provide customers with a $25 gift card in exchange of their

  1. Holiday and seasonal deals

The holiday season and days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are found throughout the year and are the best time to provide offers and discounts to the customers. An example of a firm using this deal is Blu Skin Care who uses these holidays to provide various kinds of offers to their new and regular customers. They market these offers through the help of emails, social media, as well as their website.

  1. Abandoned cart offers

Approximately 70 percent of shoppers abandon their carts. Therefore, using an abandoned cart offer can be very beneficial to bring back customers. If you are using the shopify plan or any higher plan you are provided with a functionality that deals with an abandoned cart recovery. For example the online grocery brand, brand less sends out an email to every abandoned cart shopper and provides them with $1 for shipping once the cart has been abandoned. This gives customers a certain incentive to finish their purchase.

  1. Email/newsletter subscription offer

It is really important for online retailers to create an email list. If you provide an offer in exchange for customers to provide their email address you can increase the rate at which they do that. Moreover, you can ask them for their email address in exchange for strengthening the customer relationship and providing them with loyalty customer offers. Overstock.com provides customers with a $15 percent off coupon for signing up for the newsletter.

  1. Customer milestone discounts

If there is a customer loyalty program, milestones within them are quite crucial. These milestones could either be personal such as a birthday, or to celebrate the relationship between the customer and firm over a certain amount of time. For example, Big Lots gives customers on their discounts and gifts on their birthdays.


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